After-Before Friday Week 12

For this ABFriday Week 12 event, I submitted another photo from Manaure, in Cabo de La Vela, Goajira region, Colombia.

Nothing extraordinary about edition, just my basic procedure for almost all of my pictures: Adjustment of level, contrast and saturation, in this case  to highlight the contrast of that combination of cold and warm colors, and accentuate a bit the textures in the sky and in the muddy ground.

I  “cleaned” a bit the scene by removing some of the solid waste on the ground with the parch tool and, at the end, I also decided to remove the man going by at the left, in the background, in order to get the image more neat, and having no more complementary elements in the context but the boats. With that, my intent is to center the attention on the workers control booth and the bikes. Honestly, I’m still not very sure if I should remove him or not; at times, I think that he is an important element to complete the reading of the image.

I’d appreciate any opinion or suggestions in that (or any other respect; so, feel free to let me know your thought!


After-Before Friday Week 3

This is my contribution to ABFriday Week 3

This is my contribution to ABFriday Week 3. To enjoy more submitions to this forum, click here.

For edition:

I used Photoshop CS3, as usual.

First of all, I made the corresponding adjustment to levels.

This time, I increased the saturation to highlight the colors as well as the contrast between them.

In addition, I used the Doge tool to lighten the whites, and the Burn tool to darken the rest of the colors in the umbrella. The same applied for the ground’s lawn.

Finally, I made a subtle crop to the image just to eliminate part of the trash spots and finished that job by cloning the rest using the Stamp and Parch tools.