After-Before Friday Week 5

During an excursion by the town of Manaure, in the Colombian Goajira region, I found this wall very interesting because of the textures present in it, produced by the typical erosion of the constructions set by the sea. For the edition process, I focused on highlight the textures and the contrast between the colors, in order to highlight that gorgeous royal blue. So, what I basically did, in Photoshop CS3, was:

1 Duplicate the main layer.

2 New level and curve layers to darken the pale colors.

3 New bright and contrast layer to increase the contrast and luminosity.

4 Softly erased the dark section in the window, in order to get back the detail of the man’s head inside the room.

5 New saturation layer to increase, a little bit more, the impact of the vibrant colors.

I hope you enjoy not only this but the other submissions to After-Before Friday week 5 Forum, hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing.

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