After-Before Friday Week 15

The photo I posted this week was taken in the rural small town of my country, called “Los Nevados”. This picturesque village is located in Merida State, in the middle of the “Sierra Nevada National Park”, in the Andina Mountain Range, at 2700 m height.

Not big effort in edition (as I often do); besides the basic routine of levels and contrast adjustments, this time, I practiced trying to recover some details from the deep shadow, produced by the strong contrast, using layer mask:

  1. I applied my normal adjustments in levels and contrast.
  2. Duplicated the final layer and created a mask.
  3. A new considerable level adjustment to lighten up the darkest zones and get some textures in the porch of the house as well as in the faces.
  4. Applied the brush to the mask over the rest of the image to get back the previous levels.
  5. Finally, I cropped the image to straighten it and focusing the attention mainly in that porch context.

I hope you enjoy this one and the rest of the submissions to this week  ABFriday Forum, wonderfully hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Ventury.

After-Before Friday Week 5

During an excursion by the town of Manaure, in the Colombian Goajira region, I found this wall very interesting because of the textures present in it, produced by the typical erosion of the constructions set by the sea. For the edition process, I focused on highlight the textures and the contrast between the colors, in order to highlight that gorgeous royal blue. So, what I basically did, in Photoshop CS3, was:

1 Duplicate the main layer.

2 New level and curve layers to darken the pale colors.

3 New bright and contrast layer to increase the contrast and luminosity.

4 Softly erased the dark section in the window, in order to get back the detail of the man’s head inside the room.

5 New saturation layer to increase, a little bit more, the impact of the vibrant colors.

I hope you enjoy not only this but the other submissions to After-Before Friday week 5 Forum, hosted by Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing.