After-Before Friday: Week 4

My entry to After-Before Friday week 4, hosted by Visual Ventury, is a very simple image taken in Cabo de La Vela, La Goajira, Colombia.

The edition, as usual, was in Photoshop CS3 and consisted basically in:

First of all, cropping a bit to straighten the horizon line out. Then, new layers of level and curve, in order to get more contrast in the sky. Finally, dodging sand’s highlights and midtones to get it darker, and blurring the shadows, midtones, and highlights in the roof and poles to get some texture there.

I hope you enjoy it as well as the other submitions to the forum this week.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

No better room to wake up!

DSC07924BBBC I took this picture at 6: 47 am, last Sunday, at Uricao Beach, near Choroní Town, Aragua, Venezuela, where I went, with my wife, for a camping weekend as we like to do. Nobody else in the beach, and no complaints about dawn !

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

There are many natural places and monuments, in the world, that have the merit to be considered as Grand. I’ve been blessed having the chance to meet some of them. But, I’ve realized that it is impossible, in most of the cases, to capture the real grandeur of these places in a single picture. So, I decided to post this photo trying to express how Grand a simple (but special) moment like this one, can be to me.

20 Grand





Under the Sky of Cubagua

Salt, sand, wind, sun, dryness, solitude, peace, dried scallops, ruins, and a handful of fishermen are indolent witnesses who remember the first attempt of European society in this part of the American continent. The smallest of the three islands, which form part of Nueva Esparta State, in Eastern Venezuela, shows itself to the world wearing the tatters that, in just a quarter of a century of rapacious exploitation of pearls, have been left as an inheritance. Only the sudden arrival of some tourist, mainly foreign and lover of vertigo and speed, breaks into their quiet and desolate coasts to decorate them with their colorful kites, being dragged by the strength and warmth of its breeze.