After_Before Friday Week 22

My photo for this ABFriday Week 22 is also from my resent stop in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. It is a monument to the Spanish Jesuit and missionary priest Pedro Claver who, due to his life and work, during Spanish colony times, became the patron saint of slaves.

Simple changes in edition:

Just a subtle cropping and converting the image into B&W.

Once in B&W, I just made some contrast adjustments in the background as in the main subject(s), in order to highlight a bit more these last ones.

This work has a particular  intent which I’d like to see if it makes sense through your appreciation. I’m looking forward to hear your opinion, so, please,  let me know what you think about it.

After-Before Friday Week 18

This time, at ABFriday Forum, I wanted to finish my last submitted work, from week 16, and just turned the same image into Black and White. Why? Well, I think this would give a classic and more realistic aspect to the image than that, more fantastic or surreal, of the previous one. Otherwise, B&W version dissimulates (even more) an important detail more noticeable in the color one. What do you think? Are you able to notice it?!

After-Before Friday Week 11

As some of you have liked it, this week, I chose the same image I posted for the last edition of Weekly Photo Challenge Containers.

Even though editing this image was very simple due to the special care taken while shooting, in order to get the expected result, I’d like to share how I got the final appearance. I shot to a box of empty beer bottles, pointing the exposure to the brightest point in one of them. This way, I’d get the needed contrast between the darkest and brightest areas; indeed, it was so. Then, I just had to make the following adjustment in Photoshop:

1. Turn the image into Black and White (Rob Carr method).

2. Increase a bit the contrast.

3. Clone some specific areas on the background to eliminate some clear spots remaining and make the image a bit neater.

4. Darken the whole background with the Doge tool to eliminate any trash of the cloning step.

Hopping you like it, I invited you to see more interesting submission to this ABFriday Forum here

“Chicos de Mi Barrio”

(My Neighborhood Kids)

This photographic work is meant to be a tribute to Venezuelan children. Especially, those who, having to grow up in humble rural communities, consume an important part of their days helping their parents in the daily activities which assure them to earn their living. What I find fascinating about them is the enthusiasm these kids fulfill their duties with and how they are able to share their free time having fun in such a simple way.