Zulima Acto Grado 051 copia

Born and stablished in Maracay, Venezuela, I am a teacher and a passionate about photography. The idea of this blog is to share my vision of the world trough my pictures, as well as enjoying the views of the rest of the WordPress community.

Being a Spanish native speaker, I’ve studied English as a new language to communicate with people from other nationalities. That’s why I’ve chosen English language for this blog. So, I apologize in advance for any word or grammar misspelling. In the same way, I´ll be willing, not only  to be my English corrected,  but also to help any of you who want to learn some Spanish.

You can also take a look at my travel site  http://pasoandado.blogspot.com/

Feel free to take a look and comment anything you like or dislike in my blogs; I’ll appreciate it and I´ll take your feedback into consideration.

Thanks for passing by!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello japesanluis. Just thought I’d let you know that all your photos from 05/06/2013 backwards are all coming up as error 404 – file cannot be found.

  2. Hi, Jaime! I’m finally enjoying some much needed time to visit your blog after you kindly visited and followed mine, and I’ve been having a great time! So many wonderful pictures and I’ve just scratched the beginning. I’m now a happy follower 😀

  3. Hi Jaime. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and kind words for summer lovin photo challenge. Loved your blog and the world you see through your lens.

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