After_Before Friday Week 21

The photo I bring for this, ABFriday Forum Week 21, was taken in Iguazu Falls, Argentina, last year. Of course, such a huge and spectacular nature marvel offers you thousands opportunities to shot your camera. I decided to work with this picture because it shows the authentic landscape you find everywhere around that place.

First of all, I cropped the image to get rid of those body parts in the right edge of the photo.

Then, duplicated the layer and applied a new level adjustment layer to open the shadows and make those people more visible. Next, a layer masks to get back the overexposed background in the previous step.

Finally, I decided to apply the Jose M. Mellado’s 3D Light technique, that I introduced last week, in order to contrast, and highlight, a bit more, the falls in the background which, in the end, are the main attractions of the place.

7 thoughts on “After_Before Friday Week 21

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  2. Nice work Jaime, It is quite hard to see the changes you have made from your post, but when you click on the photos, the images show up much better. I could see much better what you had done when I opened the images up, you have done a good job of cropping and bringing out the background detail.

  3. Jaime, Katie’s right about being able to see the differences much more clearly in the larger images. Before opening them up, I wasn’t sure if I wouldn’t have lightened the right side of the photo just a bit more. But one I saw the larger image, I really liked the choices you made. Just enough highlighting on the people without detracting from the beauty of the numerous lovely waterfalls! Nicely done 🙂

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