After-Before Friday Week 19

This week I bring a picture from my recent holydays, which I thought, to include as part of my Photo Essay “Inferred Feelings” but, there is no way it can work well in B&W. So, I like it in color and no much editing needed.

As always, in PS CS3, I just:

Applied some adjustments in bright and contrast.

Furthermore, a mask layer to darken a bit the foreground blue, in order to highlight the subjects in the foreground.

And, finally, cropping the image to make it a bit more symmetric.

Hope you enjoy it as well as the rest of the entries to this ABFriday Week 19 at Stacy Fischer’s Virtual Venturing!

9 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 19

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  2. Ahhh, love that royal blue, especially with the red railing! And wasn’t it fortunate that the camera straps across the backs formed a mirror image of sorts? Adds a nice touch of symmetry. Of course, anything with a cruise ship in it just makes my day (one of my favorite ways to spend a vacation)! Bet you’re still missing it 🙂

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