Los Nevados

“Los Nevados”

A journey through the paths of… spikes to the wind, roots of our land!

I would like you to enjoy the following video in which I show a little part of the grandness of my country, Venezuela. I made this video as a memory of an excursion we (my wife and I) took five years ago, and that, without expecting it at all, it deeply changed our life.

This was our first real driving, horse-riding, and trekking mountain adventure but, suddenly, something extraordinary happened along the way. After three days of riding and walking around that majestic scenery, surrounded by the highest picks we can find in our land, and meeting such extraordinary people we were physically destroyed but with our souls  full of joy, sense of belonging, admiration for nature and, specially, an indescribable fascination for the mountain.

So it was as I saw it:

(Music: “Compai Eliodoro” played by Violines Típicos Andinos)




5 thoughts on “Los Nevados

  1. Ah, Jaime, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this wonderful post before tonight. The love you have for your country clearly shines through your video. Fantastic images and lovely words to go along, I know who my tour guide is going to be if I’m ever fortunate to visit Venezuela!

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