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This post is in response to Stacy Fischer’s invitation to participate in this kind of social chain, called Virtual Blog Tour, where people are asked to answer  four simple questions about their work. After reading Stacy’s and some other previous post, besides my own one, I’ve realized that the information given, by answering those questions, is not only enough but accurate to fulfill any About Page. So, as our About Page is already done, time ago, this will work as its perfect complement.

What am I working on?

Dough I sometimes (two or three times a year) am paid for making the photography for two dance schools, Photography is not my way of making a living; so, I’m just an enthusiast of this visual art. I’ve been formed in this feel through free workshops from 2002 till the present. I have recently finished the last one, which was based on “Photo Essay”. So, I’m working on selecting and organizing my definitive sets of images that will take part of this work. I hope posting very soon an excerpt from it.

Apart from that, and as the other main reason of this blog (hence its name), I continue learning a language that is not my native one. Yes, I intentionally chose English language for my blog on porpoise, just for me to be forced to practice it. I am a Spanish native speaker and, having academically studied English language, I’ve never had the chance to be exposed to it; so, at least in reading and writing, I’m improving my skills (at least, I think so!).

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I think my blog is just another one among hundreds of photography blogs in WordPress, and with no great pretensions between the large amounts of immensely talented photographers who expose their work here. What I consider, not really different from others but, at least, characteristic of my blog content (and my photographic work in general, as well) is that I try not to post just snapshots but photos that truly tell a story; the story I want to tell. I mean, “How” I see the world, or “What” I see from the world. They can be a photographic series about a specific theme (what I like the most) or a single photo that tells the whole story, as for the different photo challenges and forums where I participate.

       2B   8B   B

From my previous post Inspiring

Why do I write/create what I do?

I do photography just for my entire pleasure. I’m not  professional and (I think) I’ll never be. My photos are not for sell and I’m not seeking for awards or fame as a photographer; even when the artistic environment in which I develop, some times push me to participate in some exhibit events. I’m a completely visual person, I don’t like to read so much and I feel the need for images. I can’t imagine my life without a camera and without enjoying images from anybody else. Mainly, those photos of others are what inspire me to produce my own ones

How does your writing/creating process work?

As I’ve said before, my intent in photography is to capture and show my vision of the world. In that sense, I don’t try to create a world different from the one I live in, I just go out to find it and catch it. I often question my creative capacity because I don’t like arranging the setting for having shot. Only when working with a model (hopefully it’s very once in a while) I’m obliged to, but, actually, I don’t feel very comfortable. Besides that, I don’t really enjoy too much working on post processing images; I do it just for necessity.

Then, how is that it works?! Well, I definitely think that all has to do with the process of seeking for, finding, capturing and, most importantly, selecting the image (or images) that truly reflects what you actually wish to share, and, finally, determining the way you think is the best for your work to be shown. I consider that the keyword for my creative work is the discourse. Definitely, to me, the consistency and coherence of the visual discourse of the images is what really matters in photography. I hope that, at this point, some of you understand why I’ve been so critical and also I’ve awarded, and celebrated, some of your photos. I believe that constructive criticism is the best tool we have in this media for our work to improve (or even for confirming we are doing well).  That’s why I don’t use to just like a photo or a post but, instead, I always comment why, or what, I like or dislike. And I expect the same from you in return (as some already do)!

1B   9B   14B

From one of my first posts Rhapsody in Blue

And the Tour goes to…

Now that you’ve known a bit more about my work, I’d like you to meet other bloggers that I really admire and thoroughly enjoy their work. I’d like to introduce you to:

Nicole Melanchon, of Thirdeyemom. I love the way this talented and experienced lady promotes and practice volunteerism and goodwill. For sure, as me, you’ll learn and enjoy other cultures trough her magnificent posts full of wonderful images which truly reinforced the message that she intents to send.

Eleanor Marriot of An Enchanted Eye. Never has it been said better: Eleanor owns “An enchanted eye”. Visit your blog and check it out for yourself. Mainly street photography, her work is brilliant; beautiful, delicate and full of content. You’ll find pictures that will make you think of more than one amazing story.

Both, Nicole and Eleanor, are posting their response on September 1st,;so, stay tuned to know more about them

I really appreciate you’ve taken the time for reading this post and, in consequence, I’m open to hear about any concern, critic or suggestion.

10 thoughts on “My Photolanguage – Virtual Blog Tour

  1. Thanks so much Jaime for the nomination and also for sharing a little more about yourself and your work. I enjoy your photography immensely and look forward to participating in the challenge and also checking out Eleanor’s blog.

  2. Jaime, you’ve written a great post! I had to laugh when I read that you really don’t enjoy post-processing, and yet you have been a consistent supporter of ABFriday 🙂 That becomes even more special to me now.

    I’m so interested to see the photos you post as a result of your most recent photography class! Sounds like a wonderful one, one I would sign up for too. And you know my thoughts on the value of discourse 🙂

    Interesting to hear that you’re uncomfortable working with “models,” and yet your most recent posed pictures are beautiful. Clearly, you have an eye for it.

    Did you know I followed Eleanor’s blog as a result of seeing it listed in your blogroll? I’ve been following her for quite some time and just love her exceptional photos! Looking forward to her post and to ThirdEyeMom’s, who I will make a point of visiting!

    Thanks so much for accepting the invitation – well done 🙂

    • Well, your words are like bottled ketchup; it’s worth waiting for!
      I’m really glad you like it because it took a long time for me reaching this final version. Thank you so much for your invitation to participate since that forced me to write this kind of (more or less) formal piece of text.
      It also makes me happy that you’ve met Eleanor through my blog; and I agree, her photography is exceptional.

      • Bottle ketchup 😀 I just love how you express yourself, Jaime!! And, yes, I know what you mean about time in reaching a final version. I left my post until the night before – big mistake. I was up until the wee hours of the morning getting it done! But like you, it was time well spent.

  3. Jaime, I was really enchanted by your tour. I am impressed that you are writing in your second language. If I had to write my blog in Spanish, it would be unreadable or I would be looking up the free translator half the time that it would be troublesome. And I like that your photography is for you and how you see the world … especially as I have recently spent a lot of time with photography judges whom I learnt a lot from, but also whose majority opinions I sometimes disagreed with. Continue the good work !

    • I appreciate so much your kind words Wandering Cows; and, in additions, very glad you like the post. I don t know what your Spanish skills are but, don’t think it was so easy for me writing this (I took me hours and hours)!
      I have also learnt and disagreed from judges but, as you said, each experience enriches our work.

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