After-Before Friday Week 14

This time I posted a photo of a representation of a very traditional popular festivity, here in Venezuela called “Diablos Danzantes” (Dancing Devils). This is a Religious festivity celebrated at the Corpus Christi Day. They are named according to the location, being the Dancing Devils of Yare, in Miranda State. In this case, the photo is from the Dancing Devils of Patanemo, in Carabobo State. For more information about them, just in case you’re interested, click here.

The edition for this photo follows the same basic steps I used to do, as it is new levels and contrast/bright layers. Additionally, I incremented, just a little bit, the color saturation and, this time, I used a layer mask in order to get back some details and textures that were lost when getting brighter the highlights, especially in the white-crocheting-veil of the mask.

I hope you like it as well as the other submissions to this week ABFriday Forum at Visual Ventury!

5 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 14

  1. I agree with Loré, Jaime. A light touch added better and brighter dimensions to this wonderful photo. So many textures, and colors, and interesting details to study. A pleasure to see! And I enjoyed reading about the festivity itself. A great way to celebrate good winning over evil!

    • Thank you Stacy, it’s very nice of you taking the disposition for know about it. That is one of the major and more colorful festivities in this country and, of course, one of the most attractive to photographers. I’ve never attended any celebration but I’m saturated of pictures from them. This time was by chance; it was not a celebration day but an opening show at a photographic exhibit honoring that particular “Diablada” (a formally-set group of Devil Dancers), and I had my pocket camera with me, so what else could I do?!

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