Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

48 Texture


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. Okay, Jaime, love this shot (I’m a big fan of yellow!) and a great take on the challenge, but I’m trying to figure out exactly what the “whole” photo looks like. Is this a shoulder, an elbow, a knee? Is the yellow material a sweater or a bag? I’ve been having fun trying to figure it out, but at this point, I would love to know 🙂

    • Hahaha, well, now it comes to my mind one of those famous product promotions where you uncork the bottle and it says: “keep trying”!

      I don’t know, I like (and prefer) the mystery; at the end, that’s the goal of presenting the image that way. I’m truly glad you love it and enjoy it Stacy!

      Or… you still have two Jacks: “Ask the Audience, and Call a Friend”!

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