“The Heroic city”

Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), as I saw it.


7 thoughts on ““The Heroic city”

    • Thank you Nicole, it’s nice you like to see Colombia (it’s a really beautiful country) but… do you know the Colombian promotional slogan for tourism? …You should take it into account!

  1. Jaime, such wonderful, colorful photos of life in Cartagena! I think my top three favorites (though truly hard to choose) are the “military presence” (love the composition, the reflection, the starkness of the lone soldier, and the yellow – a favorite color of mine!), “View of Boca Grande” (the colors of the sky and the background are just gorgeous and help to make the more saturated foreground colors pop), and “Thinking on a Wall” (love the peaceful feeling of it and the woman’s purple shirt).

    Recognized the San Felipe Castle from ABFriday 🙂 Also fun to learn that you shot all but one of these photos with a D90 – my camera too. I knew we were kindred spirits 🙂

    • Definitely, we are! Thank you Stacy, every one of them is special for me but the one of the soldier is one of my favorite too.
      I knew you are also a D90er (I think it’s the perfect choice for our level and photographic needs). The difference is that I’m lucky to have one but, in your case, the camera is the fortunate one!

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