After-Before Friday Week 11

As some of you have liked it, this week, I chose the same image I posted for the last edition of Weekly Photo Challenge Containers.

Even though editing this image was very simple due to the special care taken while shooting, in order to get the expected result, I’d like to share how I got the final appearance. I shot to a box of empty beer bottles, pointing the exposure to the brightest point in one of them. This way, I’d get the needed contrast between the darkest and brightest areas; indeed, it was so. Then, I just had to make the following adjustment in Photoshop:

1. Turn the image into Black and White (Rob Carr method).

2. Increase a bit the contrast.

3. Clone some specific areas on the background to eliminate some clear spots remaining and make the image a bit neater.

4. Darken the whole background with the Doge tool to eliminate any trash of the cloning step.

Hopping you like it, I invited you to see more interesting submission to this ABFriday Forum here

2 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 11

  1. Ha! The secret behind those circles is revealed — and I love that they’re beer bottles 😀 Loved the image to begin with; now love it even more! Great edits and appreciate that you pointed out that you exposed for the lightest point on a bottle. Thanks for a great submission for ABFriday, Jaime!

    • Hahaha, “Breaking the Magician Code…” I’m very glad you like it so much. The fact of exposing to the lightest point made almost 90% of the work; then, it was all much easier. Thank you so much for your warm comment Stacy!

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