After-Before Friday Week 9

My submission for this ABFriday Week 9 is kind of different to what anyone might expect. I chose this personal family portrait showing the last four generations standing, starting with my dad, me, my older son, and his only baby child. This photo was taken by my younger no-so-careful-about-camera- exposition-settings, in the same scenery of the last week. As a result, I had that terrible exposed and composed shot. So, having no more opportunity to re-shot, I tried to rescue the photo in Photoshop.

The edition work consisted in:

1. First of all, I drastically cropped the image in order to get an appropriated composition for a portrait, as well as for practical reasons in farther edition steps.

2. A new automatic level adjustment layer to darken the whole tone range and get a better white balance.

3. The whole background was selected and a new curves layer was applied to darken it even more; not only for getting more detail and volume, but also for getting a bit more contrast with the subjects in the foreground.

4. Finally, I slightly increased the contrast to the entire image.

Well, that was it. Now, I consider having a more presentable photo for printing and keeping it as a treasure!

10 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 9

  1. Jaime, there’s nothing more important than family and the collaborative effort between you and your wife created a wonderful tribute to yours! Pride and love just emanate from this fantastic photo. I agree with Emilio – keep it on your desk! Thanks for sharing your family on the Forum. Very special.

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