After_Before Friday week 8

This week, I chose this image for ABFriday Forum week 8, hosted by Stacy Fischer,at Visual Venturing. The picture was taken at the Water Reservoir of Zuata Park, in Aragua state, Venezuela. two weeks ago while celebrating my father’s 80 birthday anniversary. Obviously, the idea was to capture the cloudy sky and its reflection on the water.

What I did for edition was just my basic routine to all my pictures in Photoshop CS3:

Adjustments in level and contrast, and blurring highlights and dodging shadows and midtones separately, to increase the drama of the sky’s contrast. This time, I also decided to crop the image eliminating that strip of land in the foreground, for the reflection of the sky not to be contained but rather to flow freely trough the spectator imagination.


6 thoughts on “After_Before Friday week 8

  1. What a beautiful scene, Jaime, and your edits are spot on. Like you realized, and Robin agreed, the crop made such a huge difference. It does indeed allow the reflection to “flow freely” and adds to the magic of the photo. Love this one! Thanks for sharing it in the forum!

    • Thank you Stacy, It was an splendorous day so, as we say, it was like a “gun shot to the ground” (No margin for error)! As you and Robin have said, the cropping leaves us with two images completely different in concept. Thanks for your comment; it’s been a pleasure participating in this Forum, as always!

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