After-Before Friday: Week 7

For this week, at Stacy Fischer’s forum ABFriday, I chose this picture taken in the township of Manaure in La Guajira, Colombia. This is a humble communiy where people live in harsh conditions, due to the high concentrations of salt, as the main source of livelihood is working in this salt pans.

Being the original take terribly exposed, for edition I just tried the image to show the real look of the extremely corrosive  environment of this place. In order to get that, I just made some important adjustments trough new levels, bright and contrast, and saturation layers, in PScs3.


3 thoughts on “After-Before Friday: Week 7

  1. Jaime, I too like the saturation of the After shot. And I like the leading lines – of the road and the poles – that make my eyes travel into the picture from front to back – it makes me feel like I can actually walk down that road (though given your story about the area, I’m not sure I’d like to!). Great work!

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