Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

44 Contrasthttp://dailypost.wordpress.com/?dp_photo_challenge=contrasts


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

  1. Okay, Jaime, here are four contrasts I spy in your great photo: (1) working (the vendor and the man in the background to the right) versus relaxing (the group to the left); (2) the different types of beverages on top of the man’s cart ; (3) the right-pointing arrow and the left-travelling vendor; and (4) the yellow hue of most of the photo contrasted with the brightly lit white of the doorway. How’d I do? 🙂

    • Wow, you’ve found more than what I’ve even seen Stacy; nice job, and thanks for that! Though, obviously, I didn’t take this picture for this challenge (it was in 2010, in Cartagena Colombia), my intent in this shot is to show the “lifestyle” contrast you can find all around this iconic touristic location. In that sense, this is just an example: the vendor’s lifestyle look vs. the standard of life that Hard Rock cafe suggests.

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