“The Shadow of a Doubt”

“The Shadow of a Doubt”

(a short story based on true events)

 linked to Daily Prompt “Living Art”

Did you get the plot? …just let me know!


3 thoughts on ““The Shadow of a Doubt”

  1. Okay, Jaime, before commenting on the photos themselves, I’m going to give your story a try:

    One beautiful day, a couple decides to venture up into the distant snow-capped mountains for a day of fun. They ride a ski lift to the top, where they spend time taking pictures, viewing the gorgeous scenery, and skiing in the snow. When it’s time to leave, they wave goodbye to the mountains, riding the ski lift back down to where they find a beautiful bridge over a river. Wanting to get closer to the water, they climb on the bridge, even though there is a warning that doing so is dangerous. Sadly, the warning was right. In their eagerness to capture photos of the river below, the couple falls into the surging water and drown. But they are together in heaven, forever looking down on the beautiful vistas they had enjoyed that day.

    Though not a happy ending, this was fun 🙂 Am I close?

    As for your photos, what a creative way to use your equally creative photos! I like them all, but I think my favorites are the two photos on the chairlift (I especially like how you captured the shadow in the rail of one), the bridge in the water, and the final image – the shadow of the cross. Well done!

    • I really appreciate your time letting me know your almost accurate interpretation.
      You are right in everything but in the beginning. The original idea is that it wasn’t a couple but a single man who decided to venture up into the snow-capped mountains. Once being up there, is when he was attracted to a beautiful woma,n asking her to pose for a photo; then, you know the rest of the story. Though, it is not very clear what really happened at the end, on the bridge at the warning sign. Why they/he/she jump into the water; from there, the “doubt”!
      You are right, kind of funny!

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