After-Before Friday: Week 6

This time, I just decided to convert the same last week photo into Black & White. I think B&W version produces a totally different sensation; personally, I like this one much more than the color version. Will it work the same for you? Just let me know!

For edition, I used Photoshop CS3 applying Rob Carr’s method to B&W conversion. Sorry to say it’ll be a bit complicated for me to explain the step by step process but you can check it out at this site (It’s at the end of the article).

Finally, after applying the Rob Carr method, I used the dodge and blur tools to slightly modify highlights, mid tones, and shadows, in order to make my final interpretation to the sky.

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“Chicos de Mi Barrio”

(My Neighborhood Kids)

This photographic work is meant to be a tribute to Venezuelan children. Especially, those who, having to grow up in humble rural communities, consume an important part of their days helping their parents in the daily activities which assure them to earn their living. What I find fascinating about them is the enthusiasm these kids fulfill their duties with and how they are able to share their free time having fun in such a simple way.

After-Before Friday Week 5

During an excursion by the town of Manaure, in the Colombian Goajira region, I found this wall very interesting because of the textures present in it, produced by the typical erosion of the constructions set by the sea. For the edition process, I focused on highlight the textures and the contrast between the colors, in order to highlight that gorgeous royal blue. So, what I basically did, in Photoshop CS3, was:

1 Duplicate the main layer.

2 New level and curve layers to darken the pale colors.

3 New bright and contrast layer to increase the contrast and luminosity.

4 Softly erased the dark section in the window, in order to get back the detail of the man’s head inside the room.

5 New saturation layer to increase, a little bit more, the impact of the vibrant colors.

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After-Before Friday: Week 4

My entry to After-Before Friday week 4, hosted by Visual Ventury, is a very simple image taken in Cabo de La Vela, La Goajira, Colombia.

The edition, as usual, was in Photoshop CS3 and consisted basically in:

First of all, cropping a bit to straighten the horizon line out. Then, new layers of level and curve, in order to get more contrast in the sky. Finally, dodging sand’s highlights and midtones to get it darker, and blurring the shadows, midtones, and highlights in the roof and poles to get some texture there.

I hope you enjoy it as well as the other submitions to the forum this week.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

No better room to wake up!

DSC07924BBBC I took this picture at 6: 47 am, last Sunday, at Uricao Beach, near Choroní Town, Aragua, Venezuela, where I went, with my wife, for a camping weekend as we like to do. Nobody else in the beach, and no complaints about dawn !

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After-Before Friday Week 3

This is my contribution to ABFriday Week 3

This is my contribution to ABFriday Week 3. To enjoy more submitions to this forum, click here.

For edition:

I used Photoshop CS3, as usual.

First of all, I made the corresponding adjustment to levels.

This time, I increased the saturation to highlight the colors as well as the contrast between them.

In addition, I used the Doge tool to lighten the whites, and the Burn tool to darken the rest of the colors in the umbrella. The same applied for the ground’s lawn.

Finally, I made a subtle crop to the image just to eliminate part of the trash spots and finished that job by cloning the rest using the Stamp and Parch tools.