12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Cgallenge: Street Life

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  5. Jaime, this is such an interesting shot. The woman grabs my attention as I wonder whether you captured her simply walking past the mural or did you capture at moment when she is looking at it, as it almost seems as if she’s staring into the eyes of the cyclist. I also love the composition: the balance between the wide doors on the left and the woman right of center lends balance to the scene. Really enjoyed this!

    • Well Stacy, it was a bit challenging taking this picture, trying to get the traffic, and great amount of people passing by, out of the frame. I had no time to spare waiting for the ideal moment to click (besides this seemed never to happen). I shot several times and finally decided for this one which is the best I could compose including the least pedestrians around as possible. The fact of the women meeting cyclist’s eye is just by (a nice) chance!
      I’m glad you like it, and many thanks for your time and words.

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