My Meeting Lines

This project is the result of so many discords between me and power lines and poles. Who has never had a disappointment with these elements while taking a photograph? This has happened lot of times to me. So, I decided to do something on that subject. The solution?  I started turning those disturbing objects into my photography subjects.

A Look to The Past

Daily Prompt: The Normal

Assuming normal (as generally conceived), as something commonly done for the majority of people, in a routinely way, refers to something boring, tedious or lacking of emotion. However, what is normal doesn’t have to be bad. It is not mandatory that you have to do something exceptional, extravagant, or totally different from the others in order to be happy or feeling good.

“Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but moments” –Sarah Breathnach-  what really matters, or makes the difference, is the way you live those moments. Then, normal (or abnormal) is not what you do but the attitude you do it with. By doing it with love, enthusiasm, and a high sense of commitment, it will be something extraordinary.

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